Carbide is one of the most successful composite engineering materials ever produced. Its unique combination of strength, hardness and toughness satisfies the most demanding applications.

Our wide array of premium carbide products, including drill blanks, drill bushings, nozzles, square and flat bars, rods, coolant-fed rods, rings and tubes, are strong enough for even the most exacting applications. The consistent performance and tolerance are mainly attributed to our pure raw materials and strict ISO quality control.

Carbide for Tomorrow's Challenging Environments

In the relentless search for new sources of energy, whether hydrocarbon-based or carbon-free geothermal, advanced drilling technology makes their discovery and utilization possible.

Around the globe Extramet tungsten carbide components are hard at work taking on the tough jobs in the oil and gas industry, mining, water well and geothermal drilling, precision manufacturing and other applications.

Extramet hardmetal components deliver exceptional performance under challenging conditions - quality is engrained in everything we do and every component we touch. We are committed to providing responsive, localized support to our customers.

High Performance
Extramet Tungsten Carbide

Advanced Materials with Extended Performance.

Extramet carbide is known for its exceptional purity, wear resistance and strength. All of our products are developed in accordance with the industry's highest standards.

Our versatility enables us to maintain a comprehensive stocking program (for carbide rods, rectangles, tubes and raw material) and offer product development capabilities.

We've combined extensive application experience and field-testing with a robust development process to deliver the best performing products.

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