EMT 100

EMT 100 offers high wear resistance and is the universal grade for the machining of non-ferrous metals, aluminum, copper, porcelain, cast iron, low-hardness steel and fiber-reinforced materials. (Note: When ordering, please specify if your EMT 100 will be used for diamond coating applications. If so, a special prepping process must be executed. (There is no charge for this service.)

Chemical Composition   Physical Data
  Density ISO 3369 14.85 ±0.10 g/cm3
  Hardness ISO 3878 1790 ±50 HV 30
Other Carbides 1.0%   Transverse Rupture Strength >3900 N/mm2
Porosity ISO 4505   Coercive Force 4πo
Basic Porosity <A 02   µT•m3•kg-1 10.0±1.2
Particular Porosity <B 02      
C-Porosity <C 02   Coercive Field Strength
      iHC with ISO 3326 (kA•M-1) 22.0 ±1.5
Average Grain Size ~0.8 µm   Constant of Metallurgy
  • Without free carbon
  • Without Eta-phase
  • Without pollution through other carbide grades or contents

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