About Us

Extramet was founded in Switzerland in 1981. Since then, the company has grown to become a leading tungsten carbide manufacturer with a global sales presence.

Extramet Switzerland

In 1988 expansion plans were initiated, which included a new plant and the installation of a new Sinter-HIP furnace; the largest and most advanced of its time. The new production facility was an important progression, allowing us to accommodate for the increasing demand of our customers.

Due to the continually escalating demand for Tungsten Carbide, construction to extend our plant began in 1995. In addition to a new grinding department, the new production facility was operational by 1996.

Our Mission

Extramet's Primary Objective Is To Deliver
The Highest Quality Carbide Products That Will Be
Of The Greatest Benefit To Our Customers.
In Order To Do So, We Are Committed To:

  • Ensuring all employees work toward developing their capabilities according to company requirements, using these skills through result-oriented and cooperative teamwork.
  • Guaranteeing the industry's most exacting safety standards are upheld.
  • Taking great care with existing resources, raw materials and the environment
  • Holding the quality of our suppliers' materials up to the same high standards we use to evaluate our products.
  • Exceeding the goals of both our customers and employees.

Extramet Technology


Since the founding of EXTRAMET, our core business has been the production of extruded Tungsten Carbide.  We are also equipped with the latest forming and grinding equipment for further in-house product alteration.

Many years of experience and the integration of high-tech machinery help to fulfil our customers’ needs with high quality products.

Our focus on precision and accuracy, combined with exceptional material quality, allows us to be the right partner for companies with the highest demands.

Extramet Product Manufacturing

See how Extramet's tungsten carbide products are made here.

Extramet Engineering

Toolmakers, engineers and end users all rely on Extramet’s extensive experience and innovation to provide the purest carbide products on the market for advanced and high-end machining applications.

Featuring an experienced team of technicians utilizing the latest technology, Extramet can advise customers on the best carbide materials, designs and fabrication methods for particular requirements. Specialty grades can even be developed upon request.


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